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How To Find A Good Lawyer

Word of mouth is the best way. Ask your friends who have had a similar problem. Ask your doctor. Ask your plumber. Ask your neighbor. When you find a lawyer, do not be bashful to ask the lawyer if he/she regularly handles this kind of case. Ask the lawyer what other kinds of cases the lawyer handles. Be wary if the lawyer handles everything from alimony to zoning. Make sure you understand how the fee is charged. Talk to more than one lawyer before you hire one. Second opinions are good things. Will this lawyer handle your case personally, or give it to a junior associate with little experience? Will this lawyer send the case to another more skillful lawyer? Go the lawyer's office with a written list of questions so that you are not intimidated. If the lawyer seems like he/she is offended that you are asking questions, leave. All you are trying to do is to be a smart consumer.

One more thing: Some lawyers will settle all of their client's cases and never go to trial. Trials take a lot of time and preparation for lawyers. Trials are risky. Reasonable settlement offers should be accepted. However, if the offers are always accepted, the lawyer will get the reputation that he always settles cases, and the offers will start to go down. You have to try some cases to make sure the insurance companies appreciate your competance. So, ask the lawyer for the names of the three most recent cases he has tried, and when the trials occurred. If your lawyer hasn't been to court in 10 years, better get another lawyer.

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